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At Advanced Sports & Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture our team of expert doctors and caring staff strive to make a difference in our patient’s health and everyday well-being through the services and conditions we treat in our office.

That’s why ASFCA is excited to offer our online Virtual Health Visit to allow you to speak and communicate with your doctor here at ASFCA. This virtual appointment is your opportunity to tell us what’s going on. If you’re a current patient- how you’ve progressed, or if you feel you have regressed. We can than give you recommendation of exercises, therapies and other modes of treatment that you can do at home. It may also lead to a referral into our office or to another specialist.

We know many of you are Super busy with work, children, and life (did I mention avoiding COVID-19) so this is an opportunity to stay on track if you can’t make it in!

*If you’re unable to leave your home because of a compromised immune system or have a preexisting disorder, or for any reason you’re unable to leave the house, the Doctors of Chiropractic and Acupuncture at ASFCA want you to know that we have your back with our virtual health visits!


How Do I Schedule My Virtual Health Visit?

Scheduling your virtual health visit is very easy. Simply call one of our locations or schedule a Virtual Health Visit online at 


What Can Expect from a Virtual Health Visit?

During a virtual visit we can prescribe our patients exercises, stretches and provide certain nutritional and home recommendation but also potentially let you know if you need to seek further medical treatment elsewhere if we believe something more serious may be occurring. There’s a lot to learn in all of health care but most importantly we want to do everything we can to help our patient to be well and stay well.

***FYI- while we love everyone, We are only able to consult with patients in the States of Kansas and Missouri.

To schedule a virtual acupressure visit please call one of our five locations and request a virtual visit or schedule online. We look forward to helping you.


Your info will be sent directly to our office, speeding up your office visit and allowing us to better serve your healthcare needs.


We look forward to the opportunity to treat you! ASFCA offers a $39 NEW PATIENT SPECIAL on their 1st visit. Click the button to download yours today!


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