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Could Food Sensitivities or Allergies be the Reason for Your Poor or Decreasing Health?

We all know that digestive health starts with what we eat, and we all know the importance of fueling our bodies with nutrient rich foods to promote a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that sometimes “eating right” may be doing you more harm than good. Many people suffer from food related allergies that they may be unaware of, these food allergies can cause many unwanted side effects and health problems. At Advanced Sports Family Chiropractic and Acupuncture, our doctors specialize in the treatment of food allergies by pinpointing them with food sensitivity testing and then treating our patients with a team approach that combines noninvasive chiropractic care and acupuncture.

All of the doctors here at ASFCA believe that today individuals are focusing bigger efforts on making “the right choices”:  eating healthier, exercising more, choosing health supplements over prescription medications when possible, etc. In general individuals are becoming more aware the long term benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. With that being said, our doctors also emphasizes the importance of doing good research before making important decisions about your health.

“In this day and age there is so much information out there that could be good or bad, it really all depends on the individual”.

The driving force, passion, and main reasoning behind our doctors becoming food sensitivity experts and incorporating it into the care provided at ASFCA is due in part to their own personal struggles with food and sensitive stomachs.



Dr. Christina Woodle with ASFCA speaks on her expertise on food sensitivity testing.  In the video below she touches on frequently asked questions from patients seeking information on food sensitivity nutritional deficiencies. Dr. Christina discusses why Advanced Sports & Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture has decided to incorporate food sensitivity testing into its menu of health and wellness services. Helping her oldest daughter overcome food sensitivity nutritional deficiencies. At age five, the Woodles realized their daughter was not able to maintain a healthy weight for her age despite consuming a very clean diet. They also noticed that their daughter had begun to develop body odor, facial and underarm hair growth as well as developing breast tissue. These issues were not normal for a five year old girl.

As these issues became more and more concerning the Woodles decided to take their daughter to a specialist for more in depth testing, when the results came back, they were shocked!

Dr. Christina says…

“This is when our real breakthrough occurred, when we had the food sensitivity testing done. All of the things that I had been doing, that I thought were good for our daughter, were actually NOT good for her. There where things she was sensitive to, sensitivities to food that were chronically inflaming her body, leading to swelling, bloating and a lot of other factors leaving her feeling sluggish and run down at the end of the day!”

This food sensitivity testing allowed the Woodles to pinpoint exactly what foods were causing their daughter’s problems. After diagnosing their daughter’s food sensitivities, they were able to make the proper nutritional changes in her diet and lifestyle. The changes have greatly impacted and improved her overall health and will continue to do so into adulthood. The Woodles have since tested themselves and made changes to their own diets and as a result have seen major, positive improvements in their overall health as well. They also believes that a lot of the patients that Advanced Sports & Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture treat today will benefit greatly from food sensitivity testing. It can be a huge health game changer!

If you want get tested and not just guess which foods may be causing you health issues give ASFCA a call.  We specialize in the whole-body approach to health and wellness.

ASFCA treats patients of all ages using specific techniques for infants, toddlers, children, pre-teen, adults, seniors, weekend warriors, pregnant women and professional athletes. Regardless of your age or your health, you need a chiropractor you can count on. ASFCA has 6 convenient locations throughout Kansas & Missouri. We were rated as a “Top 5 Chiropractic Clinic in the US” with Integrity Doctors!

Let us help you identify your food sensitivity issues and improve your overall health as a result!

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