What is it, what causes it, what can I do about it?

There are multiple causes of scoliosis and it’s important to know which one you have and how best to treat it. The types can be broken down into two sub-categories: Functional (not sure when it started) and Congenital (started from birth). We see both categories in our office. Chiropractic, acupuncture and specific exercise/physical therapy are extremely important in getting and keeping best results.

What causes Functional Scoliosis?

Functional scoliosis is thought to be caused from simple biomechanical inefficiencies = slight misalignments of the joints known as subluxations. These may be caused from a misstep off a curb, lifting improperly or repetitive motions that are hard on our body – such as sitting at a computer of long periods of time. These simple misalignments cause the joints to move in a pattern that is not “perfect” and is less efficient. As the body recognizes these patterns the muscles move differently than originally intended and the joints and muscles above and below the body part originally affected start to compensate. At this point the small subluxation/misalignment has now started to cause a LARGE problem.

A good example is this: Young athlete sprains his right ankle in gym class and limps on it for a few days. This sprain causes his ligaments to stretch, causing a slightly falling arch. Next the knee rotates inward to protect it as he walks and long term (unless correctly rehabbed) the arch of the foot is slightly lower than the other side. As this happens the “Chain of movement” going up his leg drops his right hip downward, torqueing his pelvis. The pelvis, which is the foundation the spine sits on, is now off balance, dipping down on the right. We have all heard of the leaning tower of Pisa.

The body is super smart and rather than leaning it does its best to correct itself by putting a curve or scoliosis into the spine. Some scoliosis is only in one region (called a C curve) but most are found to affect all the way up (or down in cases of neck misalignments), These more common curves are called S curves.

So, the real question is How Do We Help These Scoliotic Curves to become straight again? And the answer is simple – Seek the advanced training and care of someone who specializes in the detection and correction of Subluxations/Misalignments. Nope that’s not exactly who you think of for tummy aches and sinus infections. It’s your chiropractor!

At ASFCA we offer all the possible services you need under one roof. Our doctors are excellent and specifically trained in the detection and correction of your misaligned curves.

Still wondering what may have caused your scoliotic curves. Maybe feeling a hip is higher than the other? Don’t wait any longer- We will be able to examine your body and see within seconds through a digital X-ray the areas causing your trouble.

What if I have had this from birth (Congenital)?

This is our favorite part – The best scientists in the world can’t explain Exactly why some people have scoliosis and others do not. The best theory is Misalignments and it makes since! For people who have had them for their whole life. You are correct! While developing in your mother’s tummy, you were probably positioned at times quite funny. Legs bent up to your chest, maybe crossed or even on your head for weeks at a time. Do you think this could have caused some misalignments? Absolutely, and the way to improve them is the same.

However, the longer you have these curves the more difficult it is to improve them and the more wear and tear the biomechanical inefficiencies can cause. The key to correction is detection. Get your spine checked today!

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