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It’s never too late to reinvent yourself and embark on a lifestyle of wellness. Let the Staff at Advanced Sports & Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture help you initiate that change. We understand that starting a journey down the path of fitness can sometimes feel daunting. We want to travel alongside you and guide you towards your goals.


Routine Chiropractic Care Makes a Big Difference

We’re often getting questioned as to why we consider chiropractic maintenance plans to be so important after an initial treatment for chronic or acute issues? The staff at ASFCA believe whole-heartedly in the benefits of chiropractic health.

ASFCA Doctors get to know and understand each patient on a very personal level.  The relationships we build with our patients grants us the ability to provide the type of care that will deliver the best results for each patient’s unique health and wellness concerns.

Carefully evaluating the physical condition of each patient who walks through our clinic doors allows the ASFCA’s Doctors to make the best recommendations for immediate treatment.  Immediate treatment helps to eliminate initial pain and discomfort, but it’s the routine maintenance protocols that help individuals avoid relapse of chronic issues — keeping them moving forward on the path to optimal Wellness!

Take the similar cases of two of our patients. For privacy’s sake, we will refer to the first patient as Stan and the second patient as Lee. Both patients are men of similar ages and desk jobs. Both men experienced a flare-up of Hip Pain secondary to a diagnosis of Sciatica. They both sought pain relief in the form of chiropractic care at ASFCA.

This is where the two men’s stories vary significantly. Patient one, Stan, decided to continue his self-care by investing in a chiropractic maintenance plan at ASFCA. His regular chiropractic treatments cost only as much as his regular office visits until he met his deductible when his cost is significantly reduced. In the meantime, Stan enjoyed a healthy, active lifestyle at work and home and did not experience any more flare-ups from his Sciatica.

Our second patient, Lee, has a different outcome. Lee compliantly continued treatment for his Sciatica until his symptoms abated. At which time, Lee discontinued his chiropractic treatments. For a time, Lee lived relatively pain-free. However, Lee did not take steps to maintain a healthy spinal alignment through continued chiropractic maintenance. His subsequent sciatica flare-up was as severe as his first. Again, Lee sought treatment, and again Top-Rated Doctors of ASFCA were able to alleviate his pain. However, once again, Lee elected to not participate in regular chiropractic maintenance. Thus, Lee became entrenched in a cycle of wellness and pain. Over time Lee lost more time and money from lost wages on sick calls, pain medications, x-rays, and therapies.

Unfortunately, Lee’s story is a familiar one to us. ASFCA has seen many patients choose this route time and time again. Experiencing pain is sometimes unavoidable, but chronic pain can be mitigated by investing in self-care with regular chiropractic maintenance. Fortunately, many of our patients realize this eventually and invest in their well-being.         


ASFCA Doctor Recommendations for How to Keep Your Body in Great Shape

Committing to a lifestyle of health and fitness requires determination and hard work. Despite a person’s best efforts, there are many stumbling blocks on the road to wellbeing. People often self-sabotage their efforts by avoiding and ignoring their basic self-care needs. Our Doctors understand these challenges and have come up with a list four things you should focus on to get in great shape.

1. Physical Strength & Mobility Exercise is critical to hone your body into great shape. You exercise to Strengthen Your Muscles, tone your physique, and improve your cardiovascular health. The best workout routines include some portion of all these elements. Unfortunately, improper workouts occur far too often. To help our patients avoid such pitfalls, we listed a Series of Workouts that are excellent for Core Strengthening. Our patients can watch these videos demonstrated on our website and Youtube Channel so that they can practice them at home. For patients who would like extra help, ASFCA’s Physical Therapists can show them the best exercise routines to meet their fitness needs.

2. Proper Hydration and Nutrition — What you put into your body is one of the most important fundamentals of health and fitness. The food you eat not only provides you the energy you need, but it is also the building blocks of your body’s muscles. Nutrition is vital to a successful journey to wellness.

It is essential to stay adequately hydrated, as well. Studies have indicated that up to 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated[i]. This is a profoundly concerning figure considering that proper hydration is linked to every system in the body from cardiovascular, neurological, metabolic, etc. An average adult should drink about half a gallon of water per day. This can be broken down by drinking an 8-ounce glass of water eight times a day.

Along with a proper diet and hydration, you can bolster your diet with Supplements provided by ASFCA. Our Supplements by Metagenics can help improve your health, inhibit inflammation, and detox your system. If you have Digestive Disorders that inhibits your ability to eat properly, ASFCA can help you.

3. Quality Sleep — An average adult should get about 8 hours of sleep a night. Sleep is linked to your ability to concentrate, weight regulation, mental health, cardiovascular health, and immune function. In short, your body needs rest to function appropriately. This is especially true when you work out. Your body needs time to recover after you exercise to rebuild your muscles.

For those who are suffering from a Sleep Disorder, ASFCA can help you. Through therapies like chiropractic care and Acupuncture, our doctors can alleviate the stressors on your nervous system that are preventing you from obtaining the quality sleep you need.

4. Routine Chiropractic Maintenance — An impaired central nervous system can harm your physical health. This is why it’s important to maintain a correct spinal alignment at all times. Do not wait until your body reaches a crisis state to seek Chiropractic Care. Doing so can cost you time, effort, and any forward momentum you might have been gained in your fitness. Maintain a healthy spinal column by seeking regular chiropractic adjustments.

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