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Even the gentlest of fender bender accidents create long-lasting spinal problems. Small, repetitive injuries produce severe spinal injuries in the long run. The human spine encounters its greatest stress through a build-up of impacts over time rather than a single, significant trauma. A comparison would mimic wear and tear on the axel and tires of an automobile due to consistent and repetitive driving. Similar processes occur with cavities in teeth or hardening of arteries due to plaque build-up. Many symptoms experienced in the body stem from constant and repetitive exposure to stress.

A very popular cause of early aging, degeneration, and wear and tear in the spine originates from low impact trauma caused by a car collision. Low speed accidents that seem benign have been proven to cause great harm. Research shows that low speed motor vehicle accidents will still produce significantly negative changes in the spine. Small problems in the spine tend to be the biggest producers of larger issues like disc bulges, degeneration, and spinal protrusions. Low grade problems fly under the radar and do not seem cause for treatment until those little issues become big issues.

Researchers performed MRI studies on 100 uninjured, asymptomatic adults (aged 18-53) and compared them to 100 adult accident victims following low-impact motor vehicle accidents. Asymptomatic means the subjects experienced no symptoms so the study essentially evaluated one group of 100 spines of individuals with no pain or symptoms and compared them to a group of 100 people who were recently involved in a low-impact motor vehicle accident.

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