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Chiropractors began assessing and performing spinal adjustments 125 years ago. That window of time represents a relatively small period in terms of the historical development of advanced health science. The future of Chiropractic walks hand in hand with developing trends in society towards more proactive methods of health care.

Back and neck pain relief represent the two most predominant problems which bring people to see a Chiropractor for an initial visit. Research and over 125 years of clinical results prove that Chiropractic adjustments provide health benefits extending far beyond those initial ailments. Newly published research shows the influence of a spinal adjustment on varied aspects of human health. The research evaluated the effectiveness of a Chiropractic neck adjustment to different areas of the body and found that neck adjustments affected both the adjusted area as well as other indirectly connected areas. Chiropractors passionately educate local communities about the proactive health benefits of spinal adjustments due to the nervous system’s influence on the entire body.

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