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Medicine, for centuries, has delved deep into the cellular realm to decode the mysteries of health. By investigating the microscopic activities within our bodies, it has aimed to understand the effects of cellular behavior on overall well-being. Yet health, we know, is holistic. We can’t understand the cause of health (or disease) through cellular theory alone, separating the cell or the organ from the whole of biology.

Chiropractic care, building out from the cellular theory of biology, has sought to emphasize the pivotal role of the nervous system, which governs and controls every cell through tone and vibration. As we stand on the brink of a new era in health and healing, there is a calling for an even broader framework, one that includes the profound influences of experiences and emotions mediated by the nervous system.

The placebo and nocebo effects are obvious phenomena in this category, recognized in both clinical practice and daily life. The “placebo effect” demonstrates how positive experiences, like love, can enhance health, while the “nocebo effect” shows the detrimental impact of negative experiences, such as fear. These observations underscore a critical insight: the future of healthcare must comprehend these “mysterious effects” to fully understand the nature of health and healing.

In essence, the influence of love and fear on biological health sets the stage for a new horizon in our health paradigms. Chiropractors, with their foundational focus on the nervous system, provide a crucial bridge to this new understanding. German New Medicine (GNM), often referred to as “the sacred medicine,” represents a key evolution in this journey. GNM reveals how the brain and nervous system mediate the effects of negative experiences and emotions, effecting changes in the body with astonishing precision.

At a fundamental level, this means that our intuitive grasp that “fear harms” and “love heals” can now be refined within a scientific framework. We can now understand why fear harms, and therefore why love heals (when it dissolves the fear), paving the way for a future where these insights can be systematically applied to promote real biological health and healing.

This evolutionary step calls us to recognize the importance of what we have always known
intuitively: that our health, in both directions, is manipulatable from within, and also from without. This includes not just our emotional experiences in life that affect us, but also our trust in authorities who can use (knowingly or unknowingly) their power to engender love or cause fear.

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