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The Foundation of Chiropractic

Tone is a quality of the energetic and thus physical expression of health. Chiropractors palpate tone to determine the balance or imbalance of the nervous system. From the very beginning, Chiropractors have always used the subtle art of palpation to feel changes in muscle, joint play, connective tissue, tissue hydration, heat, and electromagnetic energy circulating through the human body. The sensitized hands, each with 5 million varying sensory nerve receptors, are the most powerful, specific instruments that can be used to detect tonal imbalances in the human body. It all comes down to tone (energy).

Nowadays however, people tend to use the words quantum, frequency, energy, vibes, vibration, etc. There are quantum healing machines that work with frequencies to help our physiology return to balance. Coffee shops are now all about the energy of the space and interactions; you go there for an experience (and yes, delicious, organic, quality coffee). There are even rap songs that now lyricize prayerful intention and the raising of one’s vibration.

The point is, we see this “new perspective” everywhere in this 21st millennium “woke” society. We are beginning to understand, not just with metaphysical science, but culturally too, that we exist beyond the plane of the physical. Nowadays, we can intentionally “send love” with the nimble touch of our finger on a social media like or text message emoji. We can face-time someone on the other side of the world and feel connected to their heart and energy. Furthermore, people are beginning to comprehend that what you project into your reality, is what you create for yourself. That the external is simply a holographic reflection of the internal. As such, people are starting to take ownership of themselves and their energetic “upgrades.” Ultimately, this is leading us all into healing.

Healing happens from the inside-out. It is so amazing that the public at large is becoming aware of the true nature of reality that has always been. We are spiritual Beings having a physical experience. Our emotions and ability to process them affect our health. Our mental constructs play into our recurrent emotional patterns, which in turn create the scaffolding towards dis-ease or health. Yet most of all, our faith has a direct correlation in our capacity to heal. Should we have faith in the Innate Intelligence of the human mind-body and heart-center, we may awesomely upgrade the very nature of our reality.

The energy we express and integrate has a direct effect on our life. If we want to change our reality, we have to change our energy. If we want to change our energy, we have to reprogram our mental-emotional patterns that keep us stuck in the same cycles. If we want to upgrade our mental-emotional state, we have to have faith in something BIGGER than ourselves. We have to be able to surrender to that special something within that always wants us to heal. This special something is what we Chiropractor’s refer to as a living organism’s Innate Intelligence.

Something incredibly powerful occurs when we make our “educated intelligence” (egoic mind) take the back seat in our life experience. Deciding to have faith in the natural healing capacities of the Innate Intelligence of the human mind-body is one of the most brilliant ways we can take our power back. By trusting our Innate, we are putting faith in our internal, eternal connection to God (Source). This very connection is now being measured and quantified in modern day, metaphysical science.

We can effectively measure a person’s electromagnetic field around their body, generated largely by the heart-center. Brain scans can illustrate brain wave states such as the theta state that is associated with meditation and inner peace. The Heart Math Institute continues to be a pioneer for detecting heart-brain coherence. What all this science continues to reassert is that the more our educated mind can settle itself, taking its initiative from the heart-center, the greater our capacity for homeostasis and healing.

Chiropractic care, from the very get-go, was established on tone (energy). What many people, even Chiropractors, do not fully comprehend is that Daniel D. Palmer founded Chiropractic from a place of powerful, spiritual insight. Over a hundred years ago, he awakened to the idea that the tone of one’s spine and nervous system was directly related to their physical health. Further, if we could release the blockages (subluxations) from said spine and nervous system, we could open up the pathways for Innate Intelligence to heal the body.

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