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In this latest exercise video from our team of physiotherapy experts at Advanced Sports & Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture we are joined again by Joe our Director of Rehab at ASFCA and Cherish at our Belton/Raymore Missouri location as they demonstrate another set of exercises that are designed to the neck and improve mobility as well as correcting posture.


Follow These Step-by-Step Instruction to Perform the Proper Chin Tuck

This easy to do exercise is called the Chin Tuck and all you need is a wall a pillow or firm foam for support and your index finger.

Now let’s get started!

Step One – Place a pillow or firm piece of foam between you and the wall aligning yourself in a neutral position standing up right with good posture.

Step Two – Bring your index finger to the bottom of your chin and place your thumb on your chest. This will help to prevent you from pushing your chin down and will act as a guide as you push your chin back correctly.

Step Three – Using your finger as the point of reference begin to push your chin back and holing for a few seconds and releasing.

Step Four – Repeat

Step Five – Relax

By doing this exercise you can strengthen the back of neck as well as loosening the muscles in the neck creating a greater range of motion.

For more exercise videos from Advanced Sports & Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture you can visit our YouTube channel or to schedule an appointment.

Thanks for watching, we look forward to seeing you!

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