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Demonstrating the following exercise known as Horizontal Abduction, this exercise helps to open up the chest as well as strengthen the upper back, thus making it easier to maintain correct posture.

For this exercise, you will be using an exercise band. Each band has different resistance. The resistance increases from Yellow, Red, Green and blue. Yellow the lightest resistance and Blue being the strongest resistance. Choose the band that challenges you, yet doesn’t stress the muscles too much.

Step One: Begin by positioning yourself with shoulders down and back with chin tucked. Grasp the ends of the band in front of you at shoulder height, and take up the slack.

Step Two: Pull the band outward, keeping your elbows straight and pinching your shoulder blades together until your arms are out at your sides. Slowly return the banding to starting position.

Repeat ten times. Your end goal is to increase to 3 repetitions (sets) of 10. As your muscles strengthen, you can increase the resistance by changing the colored band. If moving up in resistance causes pain, go back to the lesser resistance for a few days and then try the increased resistance band.


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